Sunday School classes are the primary vehicle for learning and connecting at First Baptist Church Jasper. Our classes give children, teens and adults a place to connect, study the Bible, and encourage one another as we learn how to live and love like Jesus. We invite you to strengthen your personal relationship with God and connect with your peers at 9:15 a.m. every Sunday. Classes are open to everyone and visitors are always welcome. With groups for all stages of life, everyone in your family can find a class that’s a perfect fit.



First Baptist Church Sunday School Classes and Teachers


Nursery- Becca Kelley

2’s & 3’s- Mathilda Richardson

Pre-K – Kindergarten – Laura Wisniewski & Debbie Wisniewski

1st & 2nd Grades -Kathleen Wade & Leslie Randall

3rd & 4th Grades – Charra Knight & Allison Knight

5th & 6th Grades – Jeff & Valerie Hicks

7th – 12th Grade – Ryan & Katie McKnight

Early Families (20’s and 30’s) – Colin Townsend

Later Families (40’s and 50’s) – Jim Hamilton & Van Cammack

Seekers (Men & Women 50 & Above) – Dennis Inman

Esther (Women 50 & Above) – Joyce Lowery

Good Fellowship (Men 50 & Above) – Ed Shirley

His Followers (Men & Women 50 & Above) – Ron Shamblin, Kent McLemore, & Lanny Smith

Choir Room Class (Men & Women 50 & Above) – John L. Lowery

Hope/Joy (Men & Women 50 & Above) – Sue Gee